From the highlands of Bohol in the Visayas come the rich healing traditions of the Eskaya, a tribe known for their unique culture of writing, language and literature. Handuraw Spa offers a gracious fusion of these traditional therapies and modern spa technology, a melting pot of Asian healing practices and rich European spa traditions.

‘Handuraw’ in Visayan evokes of sweet memories and emotions, a wellness experience guests will discover to be truly soothing. From centuries-old hilot healing and traditional pampering practices such as bathing in coconut milk or Ciquate, the local chocolate, beautiful images will play in your mind as you savor the heartfelt and skillful rendition of Filipino and other Asian spa treatments. The sultry combination of sound, touch and color therapy enhance your already relaxing holiday.

Note: Handuraw Spa has been closed indefinitely due to Covid-19 Pandemic.