During this Covid-19 Pandemic when social distancing is the norm, Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa can give you the luxury of ample space & fresh air amidst greenery & gentle sea breeze. It is located above sea level making it well-ventilated.
All villas are single-detached and have their own swimming pool that you can create a bubble with family members only.
The restaurant is strategically open towards the sea making it well-ventilated that may keep viruses away.

Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa is a beautiful resort-spa in Panglao Island which is at the southernmost tip of Bohol, Philippines. It is located halfway through Panglao along its coast facing Bohol Sea. It is a sprawling property which covers 16 hectares. Topography of the resort is varied. It has a gradually descending cliff, flat land, a ravine, caves and has a commanding view of the sea. On the higher ground of the resort, you can view a mountain with lush vegetation. Down the beach is a long stretch of white, powdery sand up to 5 kilometers, 600 meters of which is part of Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa. The name Eskaya refers to the only known indigenous people of Bohol.

The resort is boutique in style which accounts for its exclusivity. Architecture of the building is decidedly Filipino with a splash of modern amenities. The thatched villas or “balai” in the dialect, are single-detached. These are built with sturdy construction materials, but the ample use of indigenous materials for finishing like bamboo, cogon, and wood is emphasized. Most of the villas have individual private swimming pools. The focal point of the resort is the infinity swimming pool which definitely blends with the sea at its bluest.

The “al fresco” restaurant has a cool feeling, yet with a warm ambience and plenty of sea view and swimming pool view. Perfect at this time of pandemic, when guests can have social distancing. Dining can also be at the beach, at the poolside and in the garden. The caring staff make your stay more worthwhile and memorable. Their simplicity & graciousness make you feel relaxed & pampered.

Pertinent Info

Immigration Requirements
A valid passport for at least six months is required. Usually a visa is not required as long as the traveler’s visit is not more than 21 days and he or she can produce a valid return ticket or ticket for the next destination. Visitors are advised to check with the Philippine embassy or consulate in their country of origin for more information regarding the necessary immigration requirements.

You take a short ride from Ninoy Aquino International Airport to Panglao International Airport for 1 hour & 10 min. If you choose Mactan International Airport, take a ferry boat from Cebu seaport to Tagbilaran seaport for 1 hr. and 30 minutes. Then you’re off to the resort in 5 minutes from Panglao International Airport or 25 minutes from Tagbilaran seaport. We take care of your transfer free of charge from Panglao International  Airport or Tagbilaran seaport to the resort and going back to Panglao International Airport or Tagbilaran seaport on departure.

Guaranteed Bookings
Booking is guaranteed with a valid accepted credit card. We accept bank transfer to our account. A proof of full payment for the booking should be sent to Reservations email on an agreed date in advance of the guest’s arrival. Once a booking is “guaranteed” and the guest does not occupy the room on the due date, the advance deposit would be forfeited.

Credit Cards
American Express, JCB, Mastercard & Visa

Cancellation/No Show Policy

  1. Cancellation made:

Less than 30 days – payment is forfeited.

30 days prior to the arrival date – 50% of the total amount will be forfeited.

31-45 days prior to the arrival date – 25% of the total amount will be forfeited.

More than 45 days prior to arrival date – 10% of the total amount will be forfeited.

  1. Refunds for Credit Card Payments will be made after complete payment and after the bank declares that there is no irregularity in the transaction.
  2. “Shortened Stays” & “No Shows” for confirmed bookings will not be refunded. The resort has the discretion to release the room for “No shows” without payment after 6:00 P.M.
  3. For Group Booking cancellation, this can be confirmed with the Resort by the authorized representative for the group, or the person who made the reservation.

Early Arrivals
Should you arrive earlier than expected, please inform us at least on the night prior to your arrival. We will be glad to store your luggage in the front office. You may stay in Lantawan Restaurant where you can have early lunch or freshen up in the pool’s cabana.

Panglao Island is shielded from the harsh effects of tropical cyclones by mainland Bohol and its neighboring islands. As in most parts of Bohol, it has a very nice, tropical climate without many variations. The nicest period to stay in Bohol is from November to February, when the climate is slightly cooler, while during summer, which lasts March to May, the climate is slightly hotter than normal. Bohol does not have a very clear-cut dry season. It can rain any day of the year, but you can only experience heavy downpour from June to November.

Lightweight cottons and linens are worn mostly throughout the year, but warmer clothes are useful on cooler evenings. It could be windy at times in the resort especially in the evening. A hat and shades help a lot especially during summer. Rainwear or umbrellas are advisable for the rainy season.

Filipino (Tagalog) is the official language. The local dialect is Visayan. Most Filipinos use English when speaking to foreigners.

Sports & Other Activities
Activities include beach volleyball, badminton, tennis, basketball, biking, pingpong and water sports like kayaking, snorkeling, banana boating, standup paddle boarding, etc. Guests can also play chess or scrabble. A speedboat and a jet ski are available for a fee. Netflix is available.

We have a gym and a spa.

Other Attractions
Bohol is blessed with natural wonders that one would agree that here life is not only a beach. After some lazing in the sand, visitors can be cooled down with the refreshing sites of Loboc River, a man-made forest, the Chocolate Hills, and an unforgettable encounter with the cute tarsier. Or they can go island hopping, scuba-diving in Balicasag Island, whale-watching in Pamilacan Island and more sight-seeing. These can be packaged or can be arranged at the resort.