1. Accepted payments are Online Payment in this website and Bank Transfer, at least 48 hours before check-in. For bank transfer, we will provide our bank account details as requested. Please email immediately the bank deposit slip as proof of payment.


  1. Guests are required to present their vaccine card showing they are fully vaccinated. 
  2. Guests are required to fill up upon arrival at the Resort, the Health Declaration for any Covid-like or flu-like symptoms.
  3. Guests must disclose their nationality, personal contact number, email address and the countries they have been to for the last 14 days prior to date of check-in. Foreign nationals are required to present their Original Passport, while resident Filipinos are required any Original government ID.
  4. Guests arriving with their private sea craft must dock first at Tagbilaran wharf before proceeding to the resort for proper inspection & registration by port authorities.
  5. The Resort may refuse accommodations to any guest that we reasonably believe might cause danger to other resort guests and staff.
  6. Guests should wear face mask before entering the Resort.
  7. Body temperature checking using a thermal scanner at the resort entrance shall be undertaken for all guests by qualified health or medical staff or trained hotel personnel.
  8. Only guests cleared during screening shall be allowed to enter the resort. Those with fever and flu-like symptoms will not be allowed to enter the establishment and will be referred to the doctor on duty of the nearest hospital, or to the Barangay Health Emergency Response Team (BHERT) in accordance with the Department of Health (DOH) prescribed protocol.
  9. Guests should pass thru the Entrance only. We have only one Gate for both Entrance & Exit. If in-house guests will take a walk along the beach outside the perimeter of the property, their temperature must be checked upon their return. Guests who go island hopping, whale watching, etc. must have their temperature checked in Entrance upon their return. Same thing also if they return from countryside tours or anywhere thru the Entrance.
  10. Guests shall be advised to disinfect their shoes using sanitizing mats provided at the entrances. They shall be reminded to disinfect their hands with alcohol-based sanitizer or 70% alcohol solution at entrances including the guest room, upon entering and leaving the vicinity.
  11. Contactless payment for other charges in the resort is highly encouraged.
  12. We remind guests and staff to wash hands with soap and water frequently, for at least 20 seconds each time. A lavatory with sanitizer will be installed at entrances for hand washing and sanitizing.
  13. Guests will be reminded of the following protocols:
    a. Proper disposal of used PPE
    b. Mingling with occupants of other rooms is discouraged
    c. Practice of proper hand washing etiquette/hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, and proper use of face mask
    d. Strict observance of Physical Distancing, at least 6 feet wherever possible
    e. Importance and obligation of following the respiratory etiquette. It means that guests and staff must sneeze or cough into a one-off paper tissue or elbow bend.
    f. No sharing of food or any personal or non-personal belongings
  14. If guests bring their own vehicles, self-parking options should be implemented where possible. Staff should not open the doors of taxis and cars of outside services.
  15. Bringing of food to the Resort may not be allowed to prevent cross-contamination.


  1. Contactless check-in, including mobile check in/check out arrivals will be observed, when feasible, to reduce front desk queues.
  2. We may implement remote check-ins, where guests go directly to their room and sign using the internet.
  3. Bellmen should not go inside the guest room together with the guests, but rather, deliver luggage before guests
    enter their room.
  4. Resort staff may not show guests around the room for orientation after check-in. Escorting guests to the room may be allowed when necessary following strict observance of physical distancing and in compliance with the health and safety protocols set by DOH.
  5. Only single up to double room occupancy is allowed in each room. We will not accept extra persons. A distance of 1 to 2 meters between the beds will be observed.
  6. Room transfers may be allowed when necessary only.
  7. During periods of low-to-medium occupancy, guests should be assigned non-adjacent rooms
  8. Maximum bathroom amenities will be regularly provided for each guest so as to prevent staff from frequently going in & out of guest villas.
  9. A separate trash bag or bin intended for used PPE such as face mask, gloves and other sanitation waste materials will be provided.
  10. There will be no Room Turndown service.
  11. Housekeeping staff may not enter the room for make-up if they hear signs of coughing. If they suspect that a person is ill, they must leave immediately and report to housekeeping management. The housekeeping manager is to make a call to the guest and offer to arrange medical support.
  12. In the event of a presumptive case of COVID-19, the guest’s room should be removed from housekeeping service and quarantined. The guest room should not be returned to service until case has been confirmed or cleared.
  13. In the event of a positive case, the room should only be returned to housekeeping service after undergoing an
    enhanced sanitization protocol, ideally by a licensed third-party expert and in accordance with DOH guidelines.
  14. Before accepting a new guest or occupant, rooms must remain empty for a certain period.
  15. Minibars and other complimentary in-room food and beverage, except bottled water, will not be available.
  16. All food and beverages must be served by restaurant crew or personnel. We will ensure they will be conscientious of your needs so as to prevent them from going back and forth to guests’ tables.
  17. Buffet service will not be available.
  18. We encourage guests to order individually-packed meals. As much as possible, no family-type service.
  19. Room service is discouraged. Dining in our open-air restaurant is encouraged since it is spacious, so social distancing is observed. In case room service cannot be avoided, servers will be vigilant if they hear signs of illness. If they hear a cough, they must inform the guest that they will leave food at the door and report to security.
  20. Banquet tables that can accommodate ten (10) guests must accommodate only five (5) guests. Tables shall be arranged such that the distance from the back of one chair to the back of another chair shall be more than 1 meter apart and the guests face each other from a distance of at least 1 meter.
  21. Recreational areas or facilities such as gym, spa, sports facilities, swimming pool, etc. may be allowed to operate but with strict observance of DOH prescribed Minimum Public Health Standards. In any case, special cleaning and disinfection protocols should be applied to these facilities.
  22. If there is a suspected case of Coronavirus disease among guests or employees of the Resort, this person must self-isolate and get tested in a local medical facility.
  23. We will immediately refer guests or employees with fever (> 38 C) and/or cough, and have a history of travel to identified high risk countries or localities within the Philippines, to the nearest hospital.
  24. We assure guests of assistance in case they begin to manifest symptoms such as fever and/or cough.
  25. The Resort will keep the symptomatic guest confined in the room originally used until trained transport providers are available to transport him or her to designated referral hospital.
  26. The Resort will coordinate with the referral hospital for necessary transportation of symptomatic guest/s.
  27. The Resort will screen existing guests, well or sick, for fever and/or cough, and travel history using the health checklist provided by DOH.
  28. The Resort will immediately inform the doctor on duty of the referral hospital or the emergency response team for assistance for coordination to the referral hospital or the Barangay Health Emergency Response Team (BHERT) for assessment if any staff is concerned about the condition of a guest, or if a guest request access to medical services.
  29. Staff and personnel shall avoid employing any discriminatory action against any sick person with high fever and cough for fear of contracting or spreading the disease.
  30. The staff will record and analyze guest lists for persons coming from countries that have reported confirmed cases of the current disease.
  31. The Resort will ensure confidentiality in reporting of individuals both resort staff and guests within the resort with flu-like symptoms and/or fever and travel history to affected areas.
  32. All staff and guests who show symptoms consistent with the disease and had travel history to high-risk areas or had close contact with a caregiver of suspected or with a confirmed case, must immediately notify the Resort management or their respective BHERT.


  1. Standard passenger capacity of each type of vehicle will be decreased or reduced by 50% or one (1) seat apart.
  2. We require transport services outsourced by guests to comply, as much as we do, with the Social Distancing and Passenger Limit Guidelines set by the Department of Transportation to avoid possible contact:
    a. We require transport services outsourced by guests to comply, as much Car / Sedan — No passenger seated beside the driver. Two passengers at the back row with one seat apart. No more than three (3) passengers, including the drivers we do, with the Social Distancing and Passenger Limit Guidelines set by the Department of Transportation to avoid possible contact:
    b. Vans — Only two (2) passengers per row are allowed. A waterproof transparent barrier between the driver and the passengers must be installed.
    c. Coasters — A waterproof transparent barrier between the driver and the passengers must be installed. Passengers are not allowed to stand while vehicle is moving. The drivers are required to use proper PPE for protection.


We have only one Gate designated both for Entrance & Exit.

We have a 24-hr security around the Resort.

There are areas not allowed for guests with signages of No Entry.

Walk-in guests are allowed at the public areas only like the restaurant & gardens, but not inside the villas & the gardens surrounding the villas. This comes with a consumable charge of Php1000 per head for Food & Beverage only. This is applicable also to guests of in-house guests.

Swimming in the pools is not allowed for walk-in guests. Beach swimming is not allowed also for walk-in guests because they will be using our facilities. They may swim in the beach fronting Eskaya but they can’t access our Entrance or use it as Exit.

Guests who walk outside the Resort accessing the beach must come back using our Entrance/Exit Gate for checking purposes. 

Guests who use our water sports equipment will also be checked upon their return.

Playing drones by guests is not allowed.

We have K-9 dogs for sniffing illegal drugs.

We have CCTV around the Resort.


For those who wish to cancel and ask for refund, we are informing you that we will follow our cancellation policy. We advise you to rebook, without charge, during this pandemic period. For those living in the Philippines, please show your government ID & surrender the ORIGINAL RECEIPT (OR) so that this will be cancelled. Always ask for the OR from our office or from the travel agency you booked. If you are not the confirmed guest but paid for the guest, please let the guest send a letter to us requesting to cancel/ask for refund.

(Please see our cancellation policy in this website)